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Client Testimonials

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"When I met Terese, I was in the thick of dealing with Chronic Fatigue after two back to back viruses. It was the lowest point in my life and I felt helpless. After being dismissed by Doctors and Western medicine, I knew I had to turn to alternative measures to heal. Just talking to Terese, her story was inspiring and she gave me optimism that she could provide me with the tools to recover. From the first meeting, Terese gave me the confidence that I could take control of my health naturally. Her program protocol was laid out so wonderfully each week, it was easy to understand and follow. She uses food as medicine and also encourages mindfulness and lifestyle changes that were eye-opening!

Week by week, things got better, I couldn't believe it myself. With Terese’s help I was able to remove most viral triggers out of my life, within food, household products and personal products. The whole experience inspired me to be more mindful of chemicals additives and environmental stressors, these were so key in my healing and something you will seldom hear from a doctor. I am now 60 days out of Terese's program and my quality of life has improved tremendously, I can confidently see recovery in the near future and I really believe in Terese's ultimate mantra: "I control my health"! I can't wait for our 90 day touchpoint for even more good news! 

(see below for Alisha's wellness tracker results)

Alisha K

New York, USA

Wellness Tracker Results from Past Clients

Alisha, New York, USA
Lisa, Hobart, Australia
Tash, Victoria, Australia
Alisha was in her early 30's and suffered with viral-triggerd chronic fatigue (both Epstein-Barr Virus and Covid-19). She chose to do the Sanctuary of Balance Wellness Four Week One-On-One Coaching Program after being bedridden, and not finding any help or relief from medical practitioners and antiviral medicines. You can see the improvements in her overall health in just four weeks, especially her stress response rating! Alisha's written testimonial is above, where she describes her recovery journey. Alisha WAS bedridden, but five months on, Alisha is now working 9-5, five days a week, exercising daily, maintaining balanced wellness and just came back from a tropical holiday with her Fiancé! Something she never thought she'd be able to do. 🙌🏻
Lisa struggled with daily fatigue, bloating, brain fog, regular sleep disruptions and hormonal imbalances when she started on my signature Sanctuary of Balanced Wellness Four Week One-On-One Coaching Program. Lisa was unable to complete tasks without experiencing post-exertional malaise (PEM or muscle and body fatigue). In just four weeks, her overall wellness rating went from 4 to 8! She also experienced huge improvements in her sleep quality, energy, stress response, digestion, hormone balance, endurance and recovery and mental focus/clarity!
Ever since Tash gave birth to her first-born, 8 years ago, her health slowly declined where she experienced daily fatigue, brain fog, regular flu-like symptoms, chronic back and neck pain. Epstein-Barr Virus was detected in Tash's body a couple of years ago also. Tash was sick of feeling sick and tired, and not being able to go to the gym which she loved, or play with her children without feeling fatigued. In just four weeks on my signature Sanctuary of Balanced Wellness One-On-One Coaching Program, Tash's overall wellness rating went from 4.3 to 7.72! Tash now goes to the gym three times a week, without feeling tired afterwards, enjoys cooking for her family, and has found renewed energy to enjoy craft and time in her garden!

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so happy because I honestly didn't think I'd get back here! It seemed so out of reach! Thank you for EVERYTHING!" Tash.

More Client Love

"Terese helped me to identify my root cause...

...which was viral, and begin my recovery from POTS, MECFS and MCAS. She guided me with my choices of supplements and targeted nutrition, and helped me to eliminate chemicals. Terese is a superb listener, teacher and mentor. Her lovely personality, vibe and positivity has been what has seen me through in my darkest of hours when no one else could help me. "

Louise S

Edinburgh, Scotland

"I loved how Terese helped me...

...become aware of my health issues and gaining knowledge of products to help my son and I to have a low tox environment. I have had an amazing time being coached by this lovely lady who helped me identify ingredients that made me feel unwell, and create meals and smoothies with immune boosting healing foods."

Trish M

Sydney, Australia

"I love the knowledge that Terese has...

...because she has been on her own journey of exploration to fully recover from Chronic Fatigue, it means that you don't have to, and a lot of the work about what to do and who to see is there for you. Terese has a really balanced approach. She is a full advocate for western medicine but also exploring the natural alternative options so I like that she isn't one or the other, and has a wholistic approach. If you are sick of being sick and struggling with autoimmune illnesses, I highly recommend seeing Terese." 

Nicky T

Coogee, Australia