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Different Support Levels

"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates

Online Programs

Terese offers a number of self-paced and group online programs. From her 7 Day Recover With Celery Juice Program and eBook, to her signature Chronic To Cured Recovery Program!

Self-paced online courses are ideal for women at 40% or more wellness who seek the tools, structure and group support to recover from home, but may not need the in-depth one-on-one support, accountability and guidance.

One-On-One Wellness Coaching


4 Week and 3 Month Programs

Take back control of your health with one-on-one wellness coaching to help you navigate your recovery with in-depth guidance, structure, accountability, understanding and team work! For long term fatigue and inflammation reduction, balanced wellness, energy and vitality.

This program is for those that are absolutely sick of being sick, and are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to navigate and succeed in their recovery! 100% of Terese's clients that committed and remained consistent, showed noticeable improvements within the first four weeks of working with her in these programs.

By finding balance in the Five Pillars and Foundation through the program (see graphic above), you find your Sanctuary of Balanced Wellness, or 'homeostasis' in your body.

There is a 4 week kickstarter program and a 3 month intensive one-on-one support to choose from.

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